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Welcome to Ten-Two PC Repair!

Our Mission!

If you are having issues with your computer and need someone reliable to repair it, then you have come to the right place. 

Ten Two PC Repair prides itself on Total Client Satisfaction.  We will repair, optimize and fully update/patch your computer. 

We will never take the easy way out and default to just reformatting your PC as we know how valuable the information on your PC is.  We will utilize all of our resources and knowledge to get your computer working again, and better than before WITHOUT losing your valuable data.

Feel free to look around, check out what we offer, our very reasonable rates and see what other people are saying about Ten-Two PC Repair.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to check out the FAQ page as the answer may already be posted.  If not, contact us and we will get back to you promptly.

How We Can Help!

Whether you live local to us or across the country, we can assist with your computer needs!

We can pick up the computer and take it back to my shop if you live within a reasonable distance from us, or you can drop it off for the service. 

If you do not live in the area, we can still help by remote access.  As long as you have an internet connection, we will remote into your PC for the service.

Here is a brief list of services we offer. 

Virus/Malware/Rootkit removal
Optimize PC for faster computing experience
Speed up start up and shut down
Clean and optimize Registry
Security Software Installation
Custom PC builds
Hardware upgrades
MUCH more!

Choose Type of Service

 On Site

I prefer someone come to my home /office for the service and understand that there may be a need for you to take the PC back to your shop. 

Flat Rate fee is $90.00 (software related repair)

 *Excludes Rootkit Removal

Hardware related issue? Please choose "Builds/Hardware" service below.

Ready to Order!

At Our Shop

I want to be sure that you have all resources/tools available and prefer for you to fix my computer at your shop.

Flat Rate fee is $75.00 (software related repair)

 *Excludes Rootkit Removal

Hardware related issue? Please choose "Builds/Hardware" service below.

Ready to Order!

Remote Access

What my PC needs is hopefully straight forward and can be done remotely.  I do have internet connectivity so please remote in for the service.

Flat Rate fee is $75.00 (software related repair)

Hardware related issue? Please choose "Builds/Hardware" service below.

Ready to Order!




This service represents the flat rate labor cost if you are looking for the following;

  • Rootkit removal
  • Custom PC builds
  • Multi tower hardware swap
  • Complete tear down and rebuild of damaged PC or laptop
  • Remove and replace laptop LCD screen
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Hardware related repairs - remove and replace internal components such as motherboard, CPU, RAM, power supply, etc.
Flat Rate fee is $125.00 (hardware related repair)

Ready to Order!

Featured Video

Our featured video is on Auslogics Boostspeed.  This well known PC Optimization Software is a trusted name in one stop optimization; from Disk Defrag to optimizing internet connection, this software does it all.  Check it out

 Want more?  Check out the featured videos on the left side-bar, or go to the TTPCR Videos page. You can also find me on YouTube; search "Zomolomo"


We are excited to offer the following products for sale. 

We offer brand new Ten-Two PC Repair custom built PCs, along with pre-owned desktops and laptops.  Click on the "Hire Us/Products" link above or the "Custom PC" link for details.

Pre-Owned products:
Compaq Presario 2100 Laptop - A gently used laptop that has been upgraded with a brand new battery, 1 gig of RAM, wireless card and has been completely optimized! In excellent condition.

Brand New Custom Built PCs

The Punto - Built when ordered!

The Punto is perfect for the casual computer user who loves to surf the web, create documents and spreadsheets, and play the casual game, while demanding nothing less than good performance and reliability for years to come!






The Forza - Built when ordered!

The Forza offers great performance at a very reasonable price.  Our budget minded custom PC that packs a punch! Want to play a PC game?  No problem with 2 GB of RAM, dual core processor at 2.93GHz speed, and a very capable ASUS ATX motherboard.  All that and cool LED blue lighting!




The Medio - Built When Ordered!

The Medio is a perfect blend of performance, reliability and affordability.  For the budget conscious, the Medio provides the most "bang for your hard earned buck", offering gaming level performance with all brand name and quality built components installed. Also offers great expandability options.Do more with this system and have all the features and high end specs without breaking the bank!

The Potere - Built When Ordered!

Italian for "Power" or "Powerful", a perfect name for this powerhouse custom built desktop PC! If you are a gamer that demands fast frame rates and overclocking capabilities, then this is perfect for you!  The Potere is packed with the latest in computer component technology and has extensive upgrade capabilities if your needs should change down the road.



The Campione - Built When Ordered!

What can we say about "the champ"?  The Campione is one of our high end gaming systems that can literally handle anything you throw at it.  From gaming, video editing, music and movie production and more, the Campione is a must have for you.  One look at the specs of this gaming rig and instantly you realize this is one serious system that will make you the envy of your Friends and Family!



The E.G.S. - Built When Ordered!

This High End Custom PC is for YOU!  The extreme enthusiast who demands nothing but the latest and best in performance, you undoubtedly demand the most from your custom PC and the E.G.S. from Ten Two PC Repair will easily deliver! The E.G.S. (or Extreme Gaming System) is our top of the line system that can handle high end gaming, production work; simply put, run multiple resource intensive tasks without breaking a sweat!